American Prairie Reserve

Jun 12, 2019
The American Prairie Reserve is an independent non-profit organization that has privately undertaken a project in northeastern Montana to create a wildlife conservation area of over three million contiguous acres through a combination of both private and public lands. In a global 2008 assessment prepared for the Temperate Grasslands Conservation Initiative (TGCI), scientists identified the area as one of only four remaining areas in the world that are viable options for landscape-scale grasslands conservation.
The American Prairie Reserve's network of private land holdings are now open to the public for visitation and recreation. Some of the private lands owned by American Prairie Reserve no longer block access to adjacent federal and state lands, and the Reserve is partnering with the state to offer public wildlife hunting opportunities.
There is growing demand across America and in Montana for more and more access to trails and recreational opportunities. The Reserve is preparing to meet this growing demand by building a more robust outdoor recreation infrastructure for visitors. With the goal of supporting increased visitation and improved access, managers are working to provide a new campground and welcome center, and are developing an accessible, affordable hut-to-hut system which will allow visitors to traverse 200 miles connected by a network of 10 huts.