Drilling on the Blackfeet Reservation

Jun 28, 2012

EcoFlight flew members of the Blackfeet tribe over exploratory wells and proposed drilling sites on their reservation land near the eastern edge of Glacier National Park.

Members of the Blackfeet tribe are concerned about proposed drilling on the reservation. Impacts from oil and gas development and hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, can have negative impacts on land, wildlife, and air and water quality. For the Blackfeet, water is the source of their teachings, philosophy, and values, and members are worried that if natural gas development goes unchecked, their water will be at risk.

Virtually all of the Blackfeet Reservation’s 1.5 million acres are leased for oil and gas exploration and exploratory well pads can be seen throughout the landscape, and more proposals are awaiting approval. Tribal members are working to ensure environmental and cultural resources are protected for future generations. To raise awareness on the issue, the Blackfeet Women Against Fracking are organizing a 100-mile water walk from Chief Mountain to Heart Butte Summit starting on August 6th.