Federal and state land in Utah

Jan 23, 2016

A recent flight in Utah revealed the wildness of federal public lands like Bears Ears and the Greater Canyonlands, and the heavy industrial impacts to state lands like the tar sands at PR Springs. State lands in this case tended to be managed more for profit, with less regard for the condition of the land and water. The land speaks for itself when looking at the issue of states taking over federal land. Have a look and see if you can tell the difference between federal and state lands here.

The state of Utah has given Canadian based company, U.S. Oil Sands, the green light to proceed with the first tar sands development in the USA, without first obtaining pollution permits or requiring groundwater monitoring.

We also flew over the Bears Ears where sacred places and important biological areas were identified by Native American elders, spiritual leaders, hunters, gatherers and conservation scientists to form the boundaries of a 1.9 million acre proposal. Supporters are working with Congress to protect the area as a National Conservation Area, and are also asking the President to designate it as a monument if Congress cannot get the job done.