Finding Lands With Wilderness Characteristics

Aug 2, 2013

EcoFlight is excited to support Wild Connections in their effort to document and map lands with wilderness characteristics in the Royal Gorge Field Office. As the BLM updates its management of these areas, they are gathering data for mapping and assessment of natural areas like Mitchell Gulch, Table Mountain and the Thompson/Gribble areas. These mid-elevation lands provide key wildlife habitat and migration corridors. This data is very important because it allows for qualified BLM land - often lower altitude and overlooked - to be designated as wilderness and thus given more protection in their upcoming land management plans. Low and mid-elevation lands provide prime wildlife habitat and migration corridors, where the land has more plant diversity and food supply.

After surveying BLM lands, Wild Connections will submit reports identifying land to be preserved as wilderness, in an attempt to expand habitat corridors for Colorado plants and animals. They have identified several priority roadless areas in the BLM’s Royal Gorge region that may qualify LWCs: Cooper Mountain, Beaver Creek, Table Mountain, Badger Creek, Grape Creek, McIntyre Hills, Browns Canyon, Blanca Peak and Slide Mountain, and Thirty-one Mile Mountain, all of which house important species habitats. They are also working to correct outdated information, including discrepancies on the use of existing or closed roads.

Find out how to help Wild Connections continue their efforts to protect these wild lands at