High Divide

Jun 1, 2016
The High Divide is one of the most important linkage areas in the Northern Rockies, connecting valuable tracts of wildlife habitat: the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Central Idaho, and the Crown of the Continent ecosystem. Ensuring wildlife can move through the High Divide to any of these core regions is essential to keeping healthy wildlife populations intact.
As a changing climate threatens to push species northward and uphill, and a growing human population places more demands on wildlands, the future sustainability of these ecosystems will depend on their connectivity for a more diverse mix of genetic material across a group of animals, which results in stronger, healthier and more adaptable populations.  As pressures from development, mining, drilling and human population growth are increasing, there is still an opportunity to restore and protect wildlife habitat and movement corridors on a landscape level through sensibly revising federal land and resource management plans in the High Divide.