November 2018 - Gratitude

Nov 20, 2018
Captain's Log Starship 1XE, Day 3 in the month November, Earth Calendar year 2018.
Turkey day is coming up and there is actually snow on the peaks, improved levels of water in reservoirs, and the valleys around Aspen are chilly and still passable as the hordes prepare to descend on this magical ski town, our own 'Never Never Land'.
So from the head 'Turkey' at EcoFlight, there is a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving.
The work is hard, the journey long, but our partners, passengers and supporters make it more than worthwhile. So thank you to all of you for making overflights possible and impactful.
Recent autumn overflights in California with legislators and the 'real' press highlighted forest health and fire fuel considerations. Many of the communities we flew over have been on the receiving end of a string of tragic and horrendous fire storms. Our flights showed the mosaic of past fires almost obscuring the forests and I cannot imagine what the latest of these fires have done to this beautiful wild landscape and to the psyche of its residents. EcoFlight sends words of gratitude to the heroic efforts of the fire fighters and first responders.
Conservation is being challenged on so many levels, and not only in the West. Climate, population, the need to be energy dominant, deforestation, clean water impediments, endangered species and illegal wildlife trafficking are just some of our concerns.
I am also very grateful to have recently had the opportunity to accompany a friend and his foundation that supports conservation, wildlife and anti-poaching to meet the President of Mozambique. Yes, the President, and of a country that has been ravaged by civil war and lost so much of its incomparable population of wildlife due to poaching and warfare. Off I went on a magic carpet ride landing in the city of Beira and onto A-Star rides (Eurocopter AS350) flights deep into the bush for incredibly interesting conversations with critically important outcomes that resemble hope and co-operation.
The vast wild and pristine landscapes are challenged by human encroachment and the fires that accompany population centers. Tireless hard work by caring thoughtful individuals and their foundations give me eternal hope that things can change and can be better. This spirit of resolve and drive to accomplish change are what is needed in our American West to preserve our legacy of wild lands and wild life.
There is so much going on in this interconnected world of ours. It is a privilege to be the Environmental Airforce and the eyes and ears of the conservation movement in the American West, and I have so much gratitude to be associated with each one of you that is helping us make a difference.
Thanks for your continued support and friendship for EcoFlight and for our world.
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So please, give early and generously for Giving Tuesday (Nov. 27th) OR Colorado Gives Day (Dec. 4th)and know that you are making a difference, standing up for our public lands and the American West as we know it.
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