Private inholdings on public land

Mar 8, 2018

The Berlaimont Estates is a 680-acre parcel of private property surrounded by public land north of Edwards. The owners have proposed a project that would provide private access through Forest Service land to the private inholding via a 32-foot wide, paved, switchbacking, bermed and walled, year-round road. Presently, the area is only accessible in the summer, and via a narrow, ungraded dirt road. If built, the proposed new development would consist of 19 new mega homes and accessory dwellings, atop a mountainous hillside, surrounded completely by Forest Service land. The access road to reach the development will cut through some of the last best habitat for wintering wildlife in the area and will increase vehicle traffic through this habitat by hundreds of times over current levels. Further, it will require the Forest Service to change its current management plan-which prioritizes protection of this important habitat.