San Rafael Swell

Sep 13, 2018
Utah reps are pushing HR 5727, a public lands bill that has some serious implications for redrock wildlands. For example, more than 900,000 acres of proposed wilderness is being left unprotected within Emery County, and other lands worthy of protection are being left out simply because they are not within arbitrary county lines. The current legislation would riddle proposed conservation areas with destructive motor vehicle routes, and contains insufficient protections for unique Utah landscapes like Labyrinth Canyon, Muddy Creek and the San Rafael Badlands.
The bill protects less BLM wilderness than is already a designated Wilderness Study Area or Natural Area, and releases nearly 15,000 acres of wilderness study areas to facilitate a coal mine, and provides the following kickbacks for Emery County:
  • Enshrinement of a travel plan that has already been deemed illegal. In fact, the county is trying to open more roads than are currently open across public lands.
  • 12.5% of any revenue generated from a land exchange that would be triggered by the bill.
  • Over 2,700 acres of federal public land for infrastructure such as a sheriff's substation, airport, and information center.
  • Increased tourism that will result from the creation of new designations, including an expansion of Goblin Valley State Park and the establishment of Jurassic National Monument.
Our conservation partners will continue to fight for meaningful protections for Utah's wildlands, and to push our representatives to fix this bill.