Students take on climate change through Resource Management Plan

Feb 8, 2020
A few years ago, BLM adopted a management plan - the Colorado River Valley Resource Management Plan - that left nearly all of the local public lands under its jurisdiction open to new oil and gas leasing. In so doing, the agency failed to adequately consider the climate impacts of this decision. In other words, BLM approved a plan that anticipated thousands of new oil and gas wells would be drilled on local public lands, but the agency failed to quantify or disclose to the public how burning all that natural gas would impact our climate.
Wilderness Workshop filed a lawsuit challenging BLM’s plan, and a federal court agreed and directed the agency to redo the plan. Under the court order, BLM has to consider closing more areas to oil and gas leasing and disclose to the public the climate impacts of oil and gas development on these public lands.
BLM is about to begin revising the plan as directed by the court, and there is an opportunity for the public to participate in the public process and advocate for how they would like these public lands to be managed. Local high school students teamed up with law students at University of Colorado Law School to make the case to BLM that the agency shouldn’t be opening local public lands to more oil and gas leasing and development, and that we should be moving away from fossil fuel development.