TU - Dolores River Canyon 7-13-11

Jul 13, 2011

EcoFlight flew with Trout Unlimited over the Dolores River which begins amidst 14,000-foot summits in the San Juan Mountains near Lizard Head Pass and flows for more than 230 miles to its confluence with the Colorado River in Utah's redrock desert.
At the heart of the wild Dolores corridor is the area that constitutes the Dolores River Canyon Citizen's Wilderness Proposal - a pristine desert landscape containing some of the most outstanding canyon scenery in Colorado and an intact roadless ecosystem that provides some of the best hunting and fishing left in the West. Nearly 60% of all native cold water fisheries habitat in Colorado is in roadless areas and the 15 most hunted game management units are all over 50% roadless.

The Dolores River is at risk however, as a resurgence of interest in uranium mining and an increase in motorized recreational pursuits are compromising prime wildlife habitat and backcountry recreational opportunities in this otherwise largely unspoiled landscape.

Trout Unlimited seeks to protect the regions hunting and angling heritage and the economic opportunities they create for local communities. Conservation groups are working to develop a proactive, community supported vision for this unique landscape.


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