Vegetation treatments on public land

Nov 20, 2014

The BLM has been doing vegetation treatment projects on the Dark Canyon Plateau and other areas in an effort to increase big game and cattle grazing habitat. As we saw from the air, these projects are basically clear-cutting up to 100% of the pinyon-juniper forest in the treated areas. Some argue that the BLM should use its limited resources on more appropriate habitat restoration projects like the removal of invasive and noxious species. Additionally, projects like these can compromise the integrity of lands with wilderness quality and lower their chances of protection in the future.

We also saw Canyonlands National Park and the region that surrounds it. While the park itself is protected, the geologic formation that makes the place unique extends beyond the park, covering over 1.4 million acres - much of it threatened by energy development and other impacts. The Greater Canyonlands proposal aims to designate the area as a National Monument to protect this spectacular desert landscape and its existing values for wildlife, recreation and local economies.