Virtual Flight: Free-flowing Yampa River

Jun 15, 2020
The Yampa River in Colorado is the wildest river in the entire Colorado River system. The riverbanks still flood during spring runoff keeping a vibrant riparian ecosystem healthy, unlike nearly all other rivers in the West that have been dewatered and diverted to the point of submission. That is why EcoFlight and Friends of the Yampa are working so hard to build awareness and support for protecting the Yampa and its healthy riparian ecosystems.
EcoFlight worked with Friends of the Yampa to create a virtual tour as part of the Yampa River Awareness Project to educate, inspire and document the Yampa River to gain a better understanding of how a wild river that is healthy and hard working can support a vibrant and diverse economy, and to ensure the river is accessible for all to enjoy. Join us for a virtual flight and learn more about the story of the Yampa.