Western Governors' Association Overflights

Jun 12, 2012

EcoFlight partners with the Western Governors Association (WGA) to facilitate overflights during their annual meetings. During WGA’s 2012 annual meeting in Washington, EcoFlight flew governors and their staff over Alpine Lakes wilderness; an integrated water management plan in the Yakima River Basin in Washington; the wildlife overpass on I-90 and toured some of the great natural areas that Washington has to offer like the Snoqualmie Summit and the Cascade Mountain Range.

The governors had discussions on youth in the outdoors, responsible energy development, a governors’ business meeting and a roundtable on tourism. A WGA advisory group formed in 2011 reported on the economic and social benefits of the great outdoors and how to manage and maintain the West’s recreation assets. The main conclusion of the reports and the advisory group was that for the West to remain the best place for outdoor recreation and tourism, the governors should embrace policies that facilitate the growth of these industries and maintain and improve the lands, waters, trails and other infrastructure that make the West a great place to visit and play.

Established in 1984 through the merger of two Governors' organizations, the Western Governors' Association (WGA) is an independent, non-partisan organization of Governors from 19 Western states, two Pacific-flag territories and one commonwealth. The Association was formed to provide strong multistate leadership in an era of critical change in the economy and demography of the West. WGA recognizes that many vital issues and opportunities shaping our future, cross state lines and are shared throughout the West.

Through their Association, the Western Governors identify and address key policy and governance issues in natural resources, the environment, human services, economic development, international relations, transportation and public management. Governors select the issues based on regional interest and impact. WGA helps the Governors develop strategies both for the complex, long-term issues facing the West and for the region's immediate needs. Governors use the WGA to develop and advocate policies that reflect regional interests and relationships in debates at the national and state levels.