The Pinto Mountains were recently designated as a California Desert National Conservation Land, making them part of the system of Monuments, Wilderness, and Wild and Scenic Rivers managed by the Bureau of Land Management. However, the designation still leaves open the threat of new mining claims, which could seriously impact the landscape's conservation values.
Recently, it was snowing and snowing, and snowing and I was waiting. And waiting, in a small stark room on a computer looking at weather, the route and contemplating my next flight. The scene reminded me of an old WWII movie as the young pilots filed into the briefing room to get the latest weather and their mission, and then settled down to a long wait in a local pub as storms blew through the area grounding the squadron.
The San Gabriel Mountains provide 70% of the open space and 30% of the drinking water for LA County. The 346,177- acre monument, designated by Obama in 2014 contains rock art from ancient civilizations, an observatory, and recreation opportunities available to the over 17 million people in the region

Hidden wonders. A whirlwind trip filled with surprises, old and new landscapes, timely flights and strange weather. If you have ever flown 50 hours in a couple of weeks you can probably relate to what I am about to say. If you haven't, then hang on. It is always a pleasure facing new challenges especially when you are making a difference.

There are significant public and environmental health concerns related to the White Mesa Mill. Cells 1, 2, and 3 at the White Mesa Mill were constructed with thin plastic liners between two layers of crushed rock. The liners in those cells had a useful life of 20 years when they were installed in the early 1980s and have never been replaced.
Technology will save us. If we use it properly. I was reminded of this on a recent set of flights in the heart of the Northern Rockies. First stop was Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where my Garmin GPS 496 alerted me to a number of fires in the vicinity. Hard to envisage, as two hours earlier we had departed the lush environs of the Roaring Fork Valley, verdant after a wet and short summer season...
Part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, western Wyoming supports some of the largest and most diverse ungulate populations in North America. The longest ungulate migration ever recorded in the lower 48 was recently discovered by a group of researchers at the University of Wyoming. Migration routes of mule deer were found to extend 150 miles from the Red Desert via the Wind River Range to its northernmost point of Hoback Junction in the Wyoming Range.
The Shoshone National Forest is undergoing a travel management plan for motorized recreation. The forest currently offers spectacular motorized riding opportunities and our conservation partners are concerned that expanding the existing route system will threaten vital wildlife habitat. Most of the popular loops exist in the south zone of the forest where there is a rich logging history; while the north zone contains several famous one-way/destination routes.
For the last decade, local community members have been coming together to protect public lands in Colorado's Continental Divide for future generations to enjoy. The Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act was introduced by Rep. Jared Polis and would preserve roughly 58,000 acres in Summit and Eagle counties as wilderness and special management areas.
Public lands are owned by "All Americans" and I'm not talking about a group of college sports figures. I'm talking about your average everyday Joe who is fortunate enough to be an American citizen with a legacy of public lands that are "owned by all Americans".