ASPEN TIMES - 12/21/11 The Impacts of Oil and Gas

Jan 21, 2011

The impacts of oil and gas
JANUARY, 21 2011

Dear Editor:
I had the extreme pleasure to take an EcoFlight with Bruce Gordon last week. An aerial view of the Thompson Creek area and the Roan Plateau is an eye-opening event. I had flown this area in the 1960s, but to see it today is to realize the impacts oil and gas have on our two counties, Garfield and Pitkin.
I wish all could take this flight to see the new roads, the drilling pads and the huge impact this has had on our nearby public lands. And we need to be sure that our elected officials like Scott Tipton and new Gov. Hickenlooper as well as our senators take this trip. Not only is Hidden Gems needed it is imperative that we all push for its passage, while oil and gas exploration is expanding exponentially.

Andy Hanson,