BIG HORN MTN RADIO - 10/30/2012 More from the EcoFlight

Oct 30, 2012

More from the EcoFlight

surv2Over a month ago, I was invited by the Wyoming Wilderness Association to tag along on an "EcoFlight" from Buffalo's airport to an area in the Bighorns near the North Fork of the Powder River. Rob Davidson of the Wyoming Wilderness Association explained the flight...
With the Bureau of Land Management, the Wyoming Wilderness Association is working with local land owners to preserve the valuable characteristics of the land, over 16,000 acres in size. Data from the EcoFlight, as is known, has been given to the BLM, to be added to the resource management plan at the Buffalo Field Office. Tony Ferlisi, BLM Outreach Coordinator with the Wyoming Wilderness Association, explains more...

Bruce Gordon, the president of EcoFlight, recently released a video showing some of the footage from the flight as well as adding additional information. The video can be found below, and pictures from the flight can be viewed here. Thanks, again, goes to the Wyoming Wilderness Association, BLM, and our pilot Bruce Gordon. Learn more about Ecoflight: