BIG HORN MTN RADIO - 9/19/2012 Morning Flight Over The Bighorns

Sep 19, 2012

Written by Justin Wolffing


First off, I have to give a big thanks to the Wyoming Wilderness Association, for inviting me to join five others on a morning flight around the Bighorns. The flight took us from Johnson County Aiport to the North Fork of the Powder River, an area virtually inaccessible from the ground. The purpose of this flight can best be explained by Rob Davidson of the Wyoming Wilderness Association..

On board were several interested individuals including a Sheridan College student. Our flight lasted roughly 40 minutes, and headed due south from the airport. We passed many area landmarks from Crazy Woman Canyon, to areas I never even knew existed farther south in the Bighorns. The area in question features breathtaking canyons and steep rugged terrain. It is currently inaccessible by foot, but it could potentially be designated as a wilderness in the future. Right now, the data taken today will help the BLM ...

There is more to this story, and a further article will be published in the near future regarding the flight today. I can say that like the camping trip into Rock Creek, this flight was breathtaking, and I got to see a part of the Bighorns not a lot of folks ever see. More pictures can be found here.