Balancing Conservation and Development in New Mexico

Sep 6, 2017
Southeast New Mexico is a region rich with resources. A major petroleum play in the Permian Basin lies juxtaposed with two national parks, extensive National Forest lands and thousands of acres of undeveloped Bureau of Land Management lands. While many public lands in the region have been leased and developed for oil and gas, thus far the development has remained concentrated, leaving large areas of contiguous, undeveloped lands within and surrounding the Guadalupe Mountains. These undeveloped landscapes support hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, caving, sightseeing and many other forms of quiet recreation which enhance the quality of life for local residents, and also draw visitors to the region and support diverse local economies.
The Permian Basin sits on the verge of the next oil and gas boom, and as the Bureau of Land Management revises its land-use plan for thousands of acres of public lands in southeast New Mexico, now is the time for local communities and all who care about the fate of southeast New Mexico's public lands to get involved. The Bureau of Land Management needs to hear a loud voice in support of balanced and smart development in southeast New Mexico. The rich resources of southeast New Mexico will provide a diverse array of opportunities for generations to come, but not without proper planning, community involvement and looking ahead to ensure the region's most special places are preserved for current and future generations.