Central Mountains Outdoor Heritage Act

May 5, 2012

EcoFlight flew members of Wilderness Workshop, business owners, landowners and students over proposed wilderness areas in Pitkin, Summit and Eagle Counties.  From the aerial perspective, passengers were able to see how these wild lands connect the greater landscape, provide wildlife corridors and opportunities for people to find solitude.

This February, Senator Mark Udall announced a community-driven process to listen to the community and create legislation to protect Colorado’s outdoor heritage in the Arkansas River Canyon and here in the Central Mountains of Colorado, including wildlands in Pitkin, Eagle and Summit Counties. The senator and his staff are developing a management plan using public input and comments on their maps. In all, Senator Udall’s proposal includes 235,000 acres in western Colorado.

Commissioners in Pitkin, Eagle and Summit Counties have all endorsed the proposed wilderness lands. Additionally, in 2011 Representative Polis introduced a bill that would designate over 170,000 acres of wilderness in Summit and Eagle Counties.

Senator Udall’s wilderness proposal is the culmination of years and years of outreach and over 170 boundary adjustments to address the concerns of hundreds of stakeholders. Thousands of citizens and hundreds of businesses have voiced their support for the effort, citing the economic value of wilderness, a key component of our tourism-based economy.

Check out photos from the flights in Pitkin, and Eagle and Summit Counties. We hope these images help inform your perspective on the area’s proposed wilderness, and inspire you share your opinion and comment on Udall’s proposal maps as part of the community-driven process by clicking here.


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