Chino Hills - The "Missing Middle"

Mar 9, 2019

The Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor spans a 31-mile-long hillside system and connects preserved lands across four counties. The anchor parcel is the 14,100-acre Chino Hills State Park and the 4,000 acres protected on the western side of the hills. They are tethered to the Santa Ana Mountains via Coal Canyon-an acquisition aimed at protecting wildlife connectivity. Additional connections still need to be secured in order to ensure the integrity of wildlife habitat and healthy populations here.

The "Missing Middle" of the Wildlife Corridor includes two key ownerships: Shell-Aera Energy land and the City of Industry land (aka Tonner Canyon). Shell-Aera proposes 3,600 houses on its 3,000 acres and the City of Industry proposes a solar factory and massive reservoir on its 6,300 acres. In addition to these possible threats, numerous other threats exist, including: the 469-acre Esperanza Hills project (above the hills of Yorba Linda), the 163-acre Prado Raceway (in Riverside County), and the 537-acre Hidden Oaks (in Chino Hills). Our conservation partners are engaged in protection of the "Missing Middle" wildlife corridor, and in defending the Puente- Chino Hills from further development and fragmentation.