Colorado Oil and Gas leases

Jun 26, 2018
Our conservation partners are challenging oil and gas leases on 45,000 acres along the Colorado River which are near a state park, a school, endangered species habitat and migratory bird habitat. The BLM is pushing development without looking at the potential harm to public health, climate or natural resources, and in doing so is violating NEPA.
Developing these parcels would mean estimated emissions of over 5.5 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in addition to methane emissions and habitat fragmentation.
Over the past year and a half, the Trump administration has taken steps to curb, dismantle, or ignore opportunities for public input when making decisions about how our public lands and our shared natural resources are used and managed.
Not only should our leaders take into account the multiple uses of these landscapes before expediting oil and gas drilling on the doorstep of some of our most pristine national parks and monuments, it is also critical that they support and encourage the public to weigh in on decisions being made about our shared landscapes and natural resources.