Defending the Desert

Feb 6, 2017
The Pinto Mountains were recently designated as a California Desert National Conservation Land, making them part of the system of Monuments, Wilderness, and Wild and Scenic Rivers managed by the Bureau of Land Management. However, the designation still leaves open the threat of new mining claims, which could seriously impact the landscape's conservation values. Our partners are working to inform the local community on the threats, and the importance of building the continued support and advocacy that will be needed to ensure these landscapes remain intact for future generations.
We celebrate the Mojave Trails National Monument and the one year anniversary of its designation on February 12th.  While we are celebrating this date, we are also working to inform supporters of the dangers this landscape still faces: the changes that might be made by the new administration or aggressive groundwater pumping from the Cadiz water project threaten the designation just as we are celebrating it. From the air, it is apparent what a connection across the desert landscape looks like - sand dunes, washes and mountains all interacting through time and weather to create a framework for living ecology in a harsh environment. It is important for citizens to communicate their support for the California national monuments to their elected officials and help defend them from attacks.