KREX TV - 10/16/2012 EcoFlight Stops in Grand Junction

Oct 16, 2012

by KREX News Room
by Jordan Sherman

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- EcoFlight, a nonprofit environmental education group, is beginning its Flight Across America tour in Grand Junction.

This year's group includes students from Colorado Mountain College, Colorado University at Boulder and three students from Colorado Mesa University.

The ninth annual flight will include stops in Farmington, N.M., Page, Ariz., Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Moxa Arch natural gas fields in Wyoming. There will also be a flyover of Desolation Canyon in Utah.

Each year features a new topic, and this year's is the Upper Colorado River Basin.

"Once a year we take young adults on multistate missions, multistate flights and multi-airplane flights. We go from state to state talking about the issues," said Bruce Gordon, president of EcoFlight .

This year students will be talking to local experts at each stop.

"Last night we talked about water rights and the Colorado River Compact," said Skyler Nelson, a senior at Colorado Mesa University.

EcoFlight has been offering this program for 10 years, and it has taken journalists and politicians to the skies to learn about the environment.

However, Gordon says it's important that young adults learn about these issues since they are the future.