MOUNTAIN MAIL - 7/5/2012 Reader Thanks EcoFlight for Flyover

Jul 5, 2012

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank EcoFlight for taking the time to fly me and others over Browns Canyon last week.

Seeing the area from this angle really shows how untouched and remote it is.

As someone who hikes and fishes but also enjoys off-road motorized vehicles, I would like to see this area stay as it is. There is only one road in the proposed national monument and there doesn’t need to be any more.

We have the Fourmile recreation area just to the north for off-highway-vehicle recreation. There is enough motorized trail riding within a 30-mile radius of Salida now that you could ride something new every day for a year.

From a business perspective, a national monument designation will help our local economy. This is a tourist-based valley and more tourism dollars will help locals make a living.

Matt Brown,