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Jun 29, 2012




Wildlife biologist gives Bozeman locals 'big picture' with overflight


By  Katherine Mozzone, KTVM Reporter, kmozzone@ktvm.com

Jun 29 2012  BOZEMAN, Mont.


A Bozeman wildlife biologist wanted to give folks the big picture with a bird's eye view of the Gallatin Mountains.
Biologist Steve Gehman led two groups on a flight over the Gallatins to compliment his report detailing wildlife in the range. He pointed out pockets of lush vegetation and the ruggedness of the wilderness area, prime for wildlife.

Passengers also got to see a herd of elk grazing on the Gallatin Crest.

The Wilderness Society and EcoFlight sponsored the overflight, in hopes of educating local folks about what's in their backyard.

"The bird's eye perspective gives the land a voice. All of the sudden...you can read all of the things you want, you can look at lines on maps where certain designations should be, but when you see this land, you say, 'Oh my goodness, that's an amazing open space. There's no roads, there's beautiful mountains, and streams, clean air, clean water.' You take another look at it," says EcoFlight President Bruce Gordon.

This summer, the Wilderness and Recreation Partnership wants to help you get on the ground and experience the Gallatins for yourself in their "Explore the Gallatin Range" series.

With adventures like a Tom Miner Basin wildlife viewing guided by biologist Steve Gehman and a Gallatin Crest lightweight backpack, a variety of regional non-profit organizations and recreation groups are hosting a number of excursions.

For more information on the outings, visit the Wilderness and Recreation website.