National Monument protection for the Boulder White Clouds

Jul 9, 2015

The Boulder-White Clouds are a crown jewel of Central Idaho. This is where the headwaters of four major river systems originate, where unique critters are found such as bighorn sheep and the elusive wolverine, where the highest-elevation salmon runs in North America occur, as well as rare plants found nowhere else on earth. The region is one of the last, largest under-protected roadless landscapes in the lower 48 states and supports all types of recreational opportunities.

Idahoans have been working for years to conserve these mountains and keep this area the way it is, and to strike a balance between protection, access and responsible use, by designating the 591,805-acre Boulder-White Clouds as a National Monument. Designation would protect the wilderness character of the Boulder-White Clouds and the Jerry Peak area, provide balanced access for recreation users and protect world-class wildlife and fish habitat.