San Gabriel Mountains

Nov 12, 2016
The San Gabriel Mountains provide 70% of the open space and 30% of the drinking water for LA County. The 346,177- acre monument, designated by Obama in 2014 contains rock art from ancient civilizations, an observatory, and recreation opportunities available to the over 17 million people in the region.

Our flight highlighted the expansion of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument to the Upper Los Angeles River Watershed, wilderness designations such as Condor Peak and expansion of San Gabriel and Sheep Mountain Wilderness, designation of portions of the San Gabriel River as wild and scenic, the SGR East Fork Conceptual Plan, the proposed areas of the San Gabriel National Recreation Area including the Puente Chino Hills, and the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers which form the Emerald Necklace.

These natural areas are important for clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and cultural resources and help improve quality of life for the millions of people who live nearby.