TU-Green River & Flaming Gorge 7-6-11

Jul 6, 2011

EcoFlight flew with Trout Unlimited over the Greater Little Mountain region of Wyoming, which for generations has served as a hunting, fishing and recreational destination for Wyoming's sportsmen and their families. The region includes the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam and Little Mountain south of Rock Springs and boasts trophy hunting for big game, trophy fishing in the Green River, and backcountry angling for native Colorado River cutthroat trout.

However, much of Little Mountain has been leased for oil and gas drilling, and the Green is targeted for a trans-basin water diversion project which if developed, would take 81 billion gallons of water annually from the Flaming Gorge reservoir. The withrawal of such a large amount of water would threaten one of the West's best trout fisheries and create negative impacts to existing hydropower generation, downstream endangered fish and native vegetation. It would also likely reduce the level of the reservoir, adversely affecting boating, angling and other recreation opportunities, which draw more than 2.5 million visitors to the Flaming Gorge area each year.

Trout Unlimited opposes the current proposal with its significant environmental damage on the fabled Green River fishery and critical wildlife habitat and believes there are other cost-effective and commonsense water solutions for Colorado.

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