The High Divide

Jul 11, 2015

The High Divide is a patchwork of private, state and federal land that connects Yellowstone National Park with the central Idaho wild lands, including the Frank Church Wilderness, and has been identified as one of the most ecologically important natural landscapes in the United States. The area is famous for its working ranches, abundance of fish and wildlife and outstanding opportunities for recreation and scenic beauty. We hope the flight allowed you to be able to see the connectivity of this area, which provides key migration corridors for wildlife, which are important for the long term viability of species like the grizzly bears, wolverine, big horn sheep, deer and elk that national parks like Yellowstone are known for.


Our flights took us over eastern Idaho BLM lands, around the Big and Little Lost River valleys, and the Centennial Mountains of Montana, looking at BLM lands that have been inventoried for wilderness characteristics, as the BLM will soon be releasing their management plan for this area.


A diverse group of organizations are working to conserve the landscape and protect its values for agriculture, local forest product and recreation economies, wildlife habitat and open space. Local organizations are taking a collaborative approach to conserving and restoring the natural health of the High Divide in the face of challenges like climate change and increased use and development from more people in the area.