WEST SLOPE NOW 11-13-18 EcoFlight uses airplanes to teach...

Nov 13, 2018

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Some believe the best way to learn about something is to see it in person, up close; but others prefer a different perspective. One college program uses small airplanes to teach students about state water issues, and today, they made a stop in Mesa County.

EcoFlight took up college students from across the state, including a few from CMU, to study the confluence of the Dolores and Colorado rivers. Experts from three different organizations discussed the rivers with students before they were able to check it out for themselves, from several thousand feet, of course.

Representatives from River's Edge West, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and The Water Center at CMU briefed attendees on the Dolores river, and impacts things like climate change and agriculture have on Colorado's river systems.

The students were then able to to board two tiny, 5 seater aircrafts to see the river from above, and get a great view of Colorado and Utah while airborne. For many, this second point of view was the perfect perspective to study state water issues.

Local CMU students were joined by EcoFlight's "Flight Across America" group, now in its 15th year, which is made up of college students taking a three-day tour of Colorado rivers. This comes during the 50th anniversary of the "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act", and the goal is to help teach students about water management and conservation, and educate them on Colorado's specific water and environmental concerns.

After today, the group will venture on across the region and end their three-day journey in Steamboat Springs.