EcoFlight has used small airplanes to produce aerial photos and videos of public lands in the West for over a decade. Through our experience, we have learned that in some cases, drone footage can capture images above and beyond the quality of what can be captured from an airplane. A number or our partner organizations have requested drone footage, in addition to overflights, to add value to ongoing outreach and advocacy. EcoFlight now owns and operates a DJI Phantom 4P that is capable of producing high-quality, close-up images of landscape features and development sites. As drone regulations emerge, EcoFlight is committed to staying ahead of the curve in order to be able to provide this service to the conservation community. As a certified flight instructor, chief pilot Bruce Gordon has been able to become certified to fly drones under the small UAS (unmanned aircraft system rule 14 CFR part 107).

Contact EcoFlight with ideas or questions regarding how drone footage can be used to promote the protection of wildlands and wildlife habitat.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro