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Date: 07/17/2019     State: CA     Issue: Wild Lands     Partners: American Whitewater, California Wilderness Coalition


Flights with Sierra Club, Rep. TJ Cox, American Whitewater, Rafting Magazine, Mariposa Gazette, California Wilderness Coalition over potential wild and scenic river segments in the Sequoia National Forest educated regional media, district congressional staff, outdoor recreation business owners.

Proposed wilderness additions and eligible wild and scenic rivers in the southern portion of Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument will protect roadless areas and watersheds ensuring clean drinking water, conserving habitat for a diversity of fish and wildlife, protecting outstanding scenery, and providing opportunities for human-powered recreation. Additions to Golden Trout and Domeland Wilderness and stand-alone wilderness proposals for Cannell Peak and Stormy Canyon will protect lower elevation ecosystems that are typically under-represented in the wilderness preservation system but are just as or more important than rock and ice wilderness because of the inherent biodiversity of these areas and the connectivity for wildlife movement corridors. These wilderness proposals have been crafted with input from citizens and boundaries were drawn to respect existing legal motorized uses.

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