State: Belize

Belize, a severely impoverished Central American country, but with one of the world’s richest habitats for diverse fauna and flora is at a crossroads with the dual problems of trying to preserve its natural heritage while both succumbing to and fending off wealthy developers.  EcoFlight has a history of working with wildlife and conservation organizations in Belize, and always has numerous requests from a multitude of conservation and research organizations to support their work in protecting Belize’s environment.

Our work with the Harpy Eagle has been hugely instrumental in the success of the reintroduction of the Harpy to Belize, as tracking the released birds is almost impossible from the ground in many areas of Belize, due to the heavily forested mountainous terrain where these majestic birds like to hunt and nest.  Flying the biologists and scientists involved in this endeavor has allowed them to successfully track and monitor the eagles, even in inhospitable jungle terrain.

Important documentation and reconnaissance flights are done over Belize’s largest protected area, the Chiquibul National Park, an area of outstanding biological diversity and critical habitat for many endangered species, and the Bladen Nature Reserve, a rugged wilderness area on the southeastern slopes of the Mayan Mountains.

EcoFlight conducts flights here for many other endangered species: the orange breasted falcon, spider and howler monkeys and the jaguar.