EcoFlight was founded in 2002 to provide the unique aerial perspective to conservation work. Our purpose is to empower citizens to learn more about the issues that affect their lives and to speak out and participate in the decision making surrounding these issues. EcoFlight flies conservation groups, policy makers, media representatives, concerned citizens and young adults over our Western landscapes so they can see for themselves the impact of man on our natural world, and hopefully inspire proactive behavior to protect these landscapes.

Our accomplishments are always collaborative in nature; we work with conservation groups from the grassroots level up to national and international organizations. Permanent accomplishments include the preservation of public lands for posterity, and the withdrawal of leases that will protect our public lands from harmful industries. EcoFlight has been a partner in victories throughout the Rocky Mountain States: a few examples include the permanent protection of our spectacular Rocky Mountain Front in Montana, the Wyoming Range Legacy Act in Wyoming, the ban to drill in the Vermillion Basin in Colorado, and the preservation of the Valle Vidal in New Mexico.

In 2010, Bruce Gordon and EcoFlight were awarded the Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s Conservation Award for an outstanding individual and business, and honored at their annual meeting for service in protecting the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. In 2011 EcoFlight received the Conservation Hero Award for conservation partner from Colorado Environmental Coalition.