Colorado - Yampa River

State: Colorado
Region: Northwest Colorado
Only a very small percentage of the Yampa River's water gets diverted or stored in reservoirs, making it the wildest river in the Colorado River system. Even with those small diversions, the Yampa River retains its natural character and flows much the same as it did before humans arrived. The river still annually floods its banks, scours its cobble and creates habitat that supports endangered habitats and species.
Not all rivers are connected to the floodplain like the Yampa still is. These floods maintain the endangered riparian habitats and species that still eke out an existence in this modern world. The Yampa is unique in many ways and it is this connection to its floodplain and its peak flow that makes it very special. These values make it worth the effort to fight proposals for new dams or diversions, and and to protect the Yampa as a healthy and intact ecosystem. Our partners are working on ways to protect the river and the existing uses for municipal, agricultural, recreational and wildlife values.