Colorado - Crystal River Valley - Urban Planning

State: Colorado
Description: The Crystal River Valley, between Carbondale, CO and Redstone is a place where the safeguarding of the natural environment and the protection of its rural character is valued, including the preservation of open space, wildlife habitat, the Highway 133 view plane, and water quality in the Crystal River valley. The Crystal River Valley Master Plan, implemented in 2000, is a community based Master Plan, developed jointly by Pitkin County and the residents and Caucus of the Crystal River Valley. The Plan is intended to be used by Crystal River Valley residents, the Caucus, Pitkin County staff and decision-makers to guide future development, inform land use decisions and enhance the public amenities that abound within the valley.

Agriculture is recognized as an irreplaceable treasure in the valley and the Master Plan supports using a range of tools and/or steps to ensure its continued presence and viability.
The Plan also supports limiting growth in the valley, consistent with its core values, and believes that future development should not occur at the expense of endangering wildlife habitat(s) and should be limited to single- family homes. Historical, cultural and archaeological sites are valued and incentives that encourage their preservation should be developed.

In July 2010, a bike trail was completed through the Crystal River Valley along the Scenic Byway of Highway 133. The bike path is the first phase of a trail vision that will connect Carbondale to Redstone, and is the northernmost component of a 73 mile Crested Butte to Carbondale trail.

Gunnison County has already completed a section of the trail from the summit of Kebler Pass toward Crested Butte.