Colorado - Vermillion Basin

State: Colorado
Region: Western Slope

EcoFlight has been flying Colorado’s spectacular Vermillion Basin for many years to protect it from damaging oil and gas leasing. In June 2010, the BLM’s Little Snake Field Office announced that the Vermillion Basin will be closed from all future oil and gas leasing and drilling.  EcoFlight will continue to work with our local and national partners and supporters in this community to ensure that the vistas and history that make this truly unique American landscape special will be truly and permanently protected.

Vermillion Basin includes more than 80,000 acres of wide-open sagebrush vistas, desert canyons and delicate multicolored badlands. It also provides a home for a wide diversity of wildlife that ranges from big game species such as pronghorn and mule deer to the majestic golden and bald eagles. The area is also steeped in a rich cultural history, as exemplified by Vermillion Canyon, which showcases one of the most spectacular collections of petroglyphs found in Colorado.