Montana - Wilderness Study Areas

State: Montana
In December 2017 Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Greg Gianforte have introduced legislation that proposes to remove 449,500 acres from Wilderness Study Area designation throughout the state. These areas provide opportunities for prime backcountry recreation experiences and contain critical and secure habitat for fish and wildlife. The WSAs in the bill are dear to Montanans' hearts and deserve a fair and open process, but unfortunately conservation and wilderness groups were not included in discussions when the bill was being crafted.

Already, regional Forest Plans give WSAs like the Big Snowies a recommendation for wilderness designation and primitive area designation for parts of the Middle Fork of the Judith, and eliminate motorized use in the Blue Joint and Sapphires WSAs, while restricting mechanized travel on parts of Sapphires. Citizens are pushing for our leaders to allow an open dialogue about eliminating or designating wilderness protections, or coming up with other suitable protections. But the current proposal misses this point altogether.
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