Montana - Rocky Mountain Front - Heritage Act

State: Montana

In December 2014 the Rocky Mountain Front Outdoor Heritage Act was signed into law, creating 67,000 acres of wilderness and 208,000 acres of National Conservation Areas. The bill created the first wilderness designation in the state since the early 1980s.

The Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, championed by The Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front,  a collaborative effort involving public and private stakeholders and the intense involvement of those who live, work and recreate on the Front.

The Rocky Mountain Front plan locks in existing motorized uses and adds protections to more than 300,000 acres of roadless areas, in addition to about 67,000 acres of wilderness to the Bob Marshall, Great Bear and Scapegoat wilderness areas. The plan calls for a comprehensive attack on noxious weeds, and would create a weed-management area, spanning from Rogers pass to the Old Man of the Hills area.

The Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act:

  • Protects public access for hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Designates 208,000 acres as a Conservation Management Area, a home-grown designation which would limit road building but protect current motorized recreation and public access for hunting, biking, timber thinning and grazing.
  • Prioritizes noxious weed eradication and prevention on the designated public lands which in turn helps protect adjacent private working lands.
  • Designates 67,000 acres of the Rocky Mountain Front as additions to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.
  • Allows for continued grazing access for Montana ranching families.

EcoFlight is grateful and proud to have been involved in the incredible work of citizens to protect the Rocky Mountain Front for future generations, and we are honored to support the many organizations who are working to keep the Rocky Mountain Front exactly as it is.

Check out this short documentary about balancing the values of Montana, and specifficaly, the work being done on the Heritage Act (starting at 17:52) and see some of the amazing aerial footage during a sunrise flight over the Rocky Mountain Front - truly a stunning landscape!


Shaded Green = Existing Wilderness
Shaded Grey = Proposed Wilderness
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