Montana - Upper Missouri River Breaks - National Monument

State: Montana


The 378,000-acre Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument was created by President Clinton in 2001 to protect this iconic landscape for its significant historical and cultural importance to Native American tribes and the country. Lewis and Clark traveled through the area and were impressed by the geology and native wildlife they found. The monument contains the best preserved example of Central Montana Prairie Ecosystem and provides habitat for elk, mule deer and bighorn sheep which support the local hunting economy to the tune of nearly $10 million a year for local businesses. River trips through the monument also provide a boost to the economy. The monument protects habitat including the Wild & Scenic portion of the river and several wilderness study areas while allowing for continued historic access and grazing.

EcoFlight is proud to have provided flights over many years to a diverse group of stakeholders who care about these spectacular public lands. In June 2017 Secretary Zinke announced that the Breaks does not need to be reviewed further or changed, even though it was originally part of President Trump's ordered "review" of national monuments. After talks with local, state and federal officials, Secretary Zinke cited the degree of consensus and the adequate management plan in place as reasons for not wanting to cause disruption by reopening the issue.



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