Nevada - Ely - Transmission Corridor

State: Nevada

EcoFlight worked with the Nevada Wilderness Project to survey the Southwest Intertie Project (SWIP), a massive transmission line slated to run from Idaho to Las Vegas.  NWP conducted a "SWIP Trip" by commissioning thru-hiker Adam Bradley to walk the 500 mile length of the proposed transmission line.  The purpose of the trip was to gather photo and video assets along the route to educate the public about the route's path and the values associated with it.

From the air, EcoFlight flew much of the length of the SWIP route, and the aerial recon combined with the on-the-ground trip to create two new opportunities for conservation.  First, NWP worked with the developer, LS Power, to reroute the future path of the transmission line around sensitive sage grouse habitat, preventing fragmentation of one of the most important sage habitats in the state.  Further south in the Mojave, EcoFlight flew NWP over two proposed solar development zones that had been identified by NWP as appropriate for solar development.  NWP helped write innovative legislation that was introduced in Congress in June that would create a royalty stream from the generation of clean energy that could generate millions of dollars for wildlife habitat protection and restoration.

"EcoFlight's timely help was critical to our ability to make this progress," said John Wallin, Director of the Nevada Wilderness Project.  "You can look at satellite imagery and you can walk the ground, but nothing can help you conceptualize large scale conservation like these overflights.  EcoFlight is a critical partner in our work."