Nevada, Pine Forest Range

State: Nevada

The Pine Forest Range in Northern Nevada has long been a point of destination for anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Containing a group of alpine depressions known as Blue Lakes, the area supports sub-alpine and sagebrush steppe ecosystems, extensive riparian zones and is forested with Limber and Whitebark pines. This is prime sage grouse country that is threatened now by invasive vegetation - primarily cheat grass.

Presently, the Pine Forest Range, including Blue Lakes, is dotted by Bureau of Land Management wilderness study areas (WSA's) which have been in place since the late 70s. While some of these areas certainly warrant wilderness designation, others would likely be better off being released from WSA designation to allow for much-needed conservation work that is not allowed in WSA's.

Trout Unlimited and Field & Stream are working with local sportsmen, elected officials and agency staff to reconsider the WSA situation in this region, with the hope of protecting Blue Lakes and the watersheds that drain off the Pine Forest Range.


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