New Mexico - San Juan Basin

State: New Mexico

Southwest Colorado and Northwest New Mexico possess a rich array of resources. Situated in the Four Corners, the region is home to nearly 500,000 people, a treasure trove of public lands protected for their natural, cultural and scenic values, a wide range of wildlife including many threatened and endangered species, and vibrant and diverse economies.

The region is also home to a vast fossil fuels complex, anchored by two of the country’s oldest and most polluting coal-fired power plants. The San Juan Generating Station is a coal-fired power plant that generates 1,848 megawatts of electricity each year. The plant just outside of Farmington, and is situated less than 15 miles from the Four Corners Power Plant, a 2,080-megawatt facility. The two power plants are New Mexico’s top two sources of air pollution.

Watch our video, which features local rancher Tweety Blancett, as she discusses the problems associated with drilling for Natural Gas on her property in Aztec, New Mexico.