Utah - Cedar Breaks National Monument

State: Utah
Region: Cedar City, Utah

Cedar Breaks National Monument is a canyon located on the west side of the Colorado Plateau. This area is significant for its external beauty but also contains a treasure chest of information due to it's geological characteristics.

Native Americans called this area Circle of Painted Cliffs because of the red, orange and yellow colors that glow in the sun. Climatologists and Oceanographers are interested in this area to learn more about the mysterious surge of carbon that was released into our atmosphere 56 million years ago. Their research will give us better understanding of how fossil fuel usage and how it affects climate.

The Cedar Breaks National Monument is at an elevation of over 10,000 feet – part of the Colorado Plateau. Millions of years of sedimentation, uplift and erosion have carved a spectacular, natural amphitheater out of the sandstone, that is three miles wide and over 2,000 feet deep.


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