Wyoming - Wind

State: Wyoming

Although Wyoming has one of the highest wind power potentials in the U.S., it is important to have an understanding of potential impacts of wind development on affected wildlife in Wyoming. While its geography of high-altitude prairies is ideal for wind development, these landscapes also constitute the habitat of elk and antelope. Hard winters usually limit animals to certain areas where wind blows snow away and food is available. If those are the same places where turbines exist, and elk or antelope avoid turbines, it could hurt the winter survival rate of the herds.

Recommendations have been made as the result of a decision by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (WGFC) to address the need to protect wildlife resources while wind energy is developed in the state. The recommendations are a proactive step toward balancing Wyoming’s desire to provide renewable energy to out-of-state consumers while affording adequate protection of the state’s wildlife resources from activities associated with development of a wind industry.