Transmission Corridors

The West is at a crossroads as population growth and rising demand for energy intersect with concerns over climate change, air pollution and increasing impacts on public lands and wildlife resources. Meanwhile, support grows for developing renewable energy from wind, sun and the earth’s geothermal stores.

Meeting the anticipated energy needs with renewable energy into the future will require expanded electrical transmission lines as many of the best renewable energy sources are far from population centers. Given the vast scale of this development, it will be essential to site and configure new energy infrastructure to minimize environmental impacts.

EcoFlight works with public lands advocates and wildlife conservationists to ensure that these projects capitalize on the West’s renewable potential in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Transmission Corridors by state
FLIGHTS: Transmission Corridors
Arizona & New Mexico - SunZia Proposed Transmission Corridor
State: Arizona, New Mexico
Description: The SunZia Transmission Project is a proposed corridor that would span 500 miles between AZ and NM, posing a serious threat to the wildlife that thrives in the San Pedro Valley and Aravaipa Canyon. Promoters of SunZia tout the project’s necessity for economic stimulus and renewable energy production... read more
Arizona - Sun Corridor - Transmission Corridor
State: Arizona
Region: Sun Corridor
Description: Arizona has some of the best solar resource potential in the nation. The state's Sun Corridor stretches from its southern border into Yavapai County several hundred miles north and includes the Phoenix/Tucson "megapolitan" area, one of the fastest growing regions in the nation for the past several decades... read more
Idaho - Boise - Transmission Corridor
State: Idaho
Region: Boise
Description: The federal government has identified public lands in Idaho for renewable energy development and smart grid infrastructure. Recognizing that there are still hidden canyons, wild rivers and pristine plateaus scattered across Idaho, EcoFlight has worked to minimize the potential adverse effects... read more
Nevada - Ely  - Transmission Corridor
State: Nevada
Description: EcoFlight worked with the Nevada Wilderness Project to survey the Southwest Intertie Project (SWIP), a massive transmission line slated to run from Idaho to Las Vegas. "EcoFlight's timely help was critical to our ability to make this progress," said John Wallin, Director of the Nevada Wilderness Project... read more