Urban Planning

Urban, city, and town planning integrates land use planning and transportation planning to improve the built, economic and social environments of communities.

Modern lifestyles use excessive natural resources, polluting or destroying ecosystems and contributing to climate change. Sustainable development is influencing today's planners and EcoFLight works with communities to further compact, efficient land use, the restoration of natural systems and a healthy social ecology.

Urban Planning by state
New Mexico
FLIGHTS: Urban Planning
Arizona - Phoenix - Sun Corridor
State: Arizona
Description: Since 1960, Arizona has tripled in population and it continues to grow three times faster than the nation as a whole. Running from North of Phoenix to the border with Mexico, the Sun Corridor is equivalent to Indiana in size and population but will add another Indiana's worth of residents by 2040... read more
California - Puente-Chino Hills
State: California
Description: The Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor spans a 31-mile-long hillside system and connects preserved lands across four counties. The anchor parcel is the 14,100-acre Chino Hills State Park and the 4,000 acres protected on the western side of the hills.
California - Rim of the Valley
State: California
Region: Los Angeles
Description: The Rim of the Valley is a campaign to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area by over 190,000 acres, more than doubling the size of the existing park. The expansion will enable the National Park Service and local communities to better protect natural resources and habitats, and provide improved access to nature for recreational and educational purposes.
Colorado - Crystal River Valley - Urban Planning
State: Colorado
Description: The value of safeguarding the environment and the community's character is evident in the Crystal River Valley, between Carbondale, CO and Redstone. The community-based Crystal River Valley Master Plan is intended to guide future development, inform land use decisions and enhance public amenities... read more
Colorado - Superior - Urban Sprawl
State: Colorado
Region: Superior
Description: Boulder, Colorado’s surging job growth and limitations on residential growth have had a significant impact on housing demand in adjoining communities. The most striking example is the nearby town of Superior. In 1990 the population of Superior was 255; today it is over 11,000... read more
Montana - Gallatin Crest
State: Montana
Region: outside of Bozeman
Description: The Gallatin Mountains, a wild rugged range bordered by the Gallatin River to the west and the expansive Yellowstone Valley to the east, directly links the community of Bozeman with the world's first national park. As urban populations rise, so do demands on our natural environment... read more
Nevada - Las Vegas - Urban  Sprawl
State: Nevada
Region: Las Vegas County
Description: Las Vegas, the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States, exemplifies the problems of rampant urban sprawl. Here, one can see the impact of urban sprawl, characterized by its casinos, amusement attractions, and the enormous hotels that double as entertainment parks... read more
New Mexico - Albuquerque - Urban Sprawl
State: New Mexico
Region: Albuquerque
Description: One of the faster growing cities in the United States, Albuquerque has not been immune to the negative consequences of growth and urbanization that plagues other cities. Albuquerque's loosely planned sprawl is on a collision course with its finite water supply... read more
Wyoming - Jackson - Urban Planning
State: Wyoming
Description: The Town of Jackson and Teton County are jointly updating their 1994 Comprehensive Plan — the long-range plan that guides policy, investment, program, and land use decisions — to make sure it reflects the current needs and vision of everyone involved... read more