Our Vision

EcoFlight’s Mission Statement

EcoFlight educates and advocates for the protection of remaining wild lands and wildlife habitat using small aircraft. The aerial perspective and our educational programs encourage an environmental stewardship ethic among citizens of all ages.

We Put People into High Places

Early astronauts who looked back on Earth from outer space understood for the first time the importance of the biosphere, which biologist E. O. Wilson describes as a “razor-thin” bubble shielding the earth from the dark void of space. Putting people into high places has that impact – an immediate, personal, visceral realization of how nature enfolds the earth.

EcoFlight has been putting people into high places since 2002, revealing from an aerial vantage the environmental threats to varied western landscapes. EcoFlight provides a critical perspective shift that bestows a solid grasp of large-scale land use issues like oil and gas drilling and associated impacts, hard rock mining, water diversion projects, forest clear-cuts, road building, and off-road vehicle use.

Life takes on new meaning when looking down on the world through the lens of the atmosphere, across mountains, deserts and forestlands. Perhaps for the first time one begins to see the interconnections and relationships of the natural landscape and the holism of the biosphere. The view from the top is life-changing. That’s why EcoFlight puts people into high places.




Our Vision:
Bruce Gordon, President, gives an overview of EcoFlight