See southern Idaho landscapes from above! 

From the air, the world below unfolds like a living atlas. Rivers wind in serpentine coils. Mountains reach toward the clouds. Farms fashion quilts across the landscape. We see the world in a beautiful arc curving toward distant horizons. The deeper we look, the more we see, the more we understand. Challenges abound.

A watershed in Idaho looks idyllic but is threatened by a new mine. A vast forest is wild and expansive, but fire has decimated it. The quilt of agricultural land in rural south-western Idaho is green with spring but threatened by military expansion and not being protected.

EcoFlight offers perspectives on these and many other issues. First, an aerial overview from a small aircraft provides invaluable oversight on the enormity of challenges to the natural world. Second, an issues-based dialogue on what is unfolding below – delivered by scientists or experts in environmental fields – stirs dialogue, discussion and debate. The big picture unfolds from the cockpit of a small airplane, while on the ground this oversight perspective finds relevance in current events and issues of pressing importance.
You are invited to join EcoFlight for an aerial tour of Southern Idaho’s most pressing environmental topics. EcoFlight is a Colorado-based conservation aviation non-profit that uses small aircraft to educate and advocate for our waterways and wildlands.

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Updated 2/23/23: Please check back here for any schedule updates.

Each flight will focus on a different conservation topic(s) of interest, and will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. All flights will begin and end at the Jackson Jet Center at the Boise Airport. 

If you would like to be on a flight, please review the route descriptions and schedule, then complete the form below. Indicate one overflight which you would like to join, as well as your preferred back-up flight. EcoFlight’s team will handle all flight scheduling and will email you with your assigned flight. We will do our best to accommodate everyone on their first-choice flight, however space is limited. 

Please only sign up for flights which you can commit to. Flights are dependent on weather and a minimum number of passengers. All flight schedules are subject to change. 

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