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EcoFlight gives a new perspective on conservation

Date: 04/05/2023     Category: News & Media     Author: Michael Logerwell     Publication: WesternSlopeNow    

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) – Conventional wisdom says you can only view nature by walking or biking through it, but one Colorado non-profit is giving conservation a different point of view.

“To really see things from a new perspective and gain some insights that I think on foot are just a little harder to see.” – Scott Braden, Colorado Wildlands Project

Tuesday kicked off Eco Flight’s Flight Across America College Program. The program takes college students in low-flying planes across the West. The low-flying planes allow students to get a better understanding of how important water sources in the West are to everyone. This year’s theme is Water in the West. In addition to flights, the students will also hear from experts in the field like Scott Braden with Colorado Wildlands Project or Hannah Holm with American Rivers.

“I haven’t been in a plane yet but I think it’ll put it into perspective how important it is to protect these places.” – McKenna Deeble, Sustainability Major at Colorado Mountain College

This year’s flight path takes the students from Aspen – home base for Eco Flights – to Grand Junction to Page, Arizona then finally to Sante Fe, New Mexico.